Octagonal Madness grew out of throwing around names for a band but was basically a catchy word play that instead became the name for promoting local music events featuring the band I was in at the time with some really good friends. OM began around 1995 with the desire to bring music from around the world to audiences who didn’t hear it from next door or in their own lives. Small concerts eventually led to flyers and graphics. Graphics eventually lead to web sites, web sites lead to audio / video, and now we’re in the social media age.

When this project began…there was no plan for a major project. It was simply about serving artists in finding the latest tools and implementing a strategy to informing the interested and soon to be interested visitors. Birthed of a conversation over the loss of recordings by an artist I respected not only for his mastery in music but the beauty of these recordings, OM was really kicked into gear in 1999 with the launch of GlenVelez.com, NScottRobinson.com and OooliticMusic.com.

Key to this was not only the gracious nod from Glen but the tireless intensity of Scott, who I did not yet know. I had found Glen by way of hearing that Howard Levy had left the Flecktones and I definitely wanted to catch up with what he was doing. I did not know what a frame drum was in 93. By 94, I couldn’t find many resources for frame drums but was thankful to Mike Henry of Houston Percussion Center for drums and Interworld for their great drumming videos. With people like Dror Sinai and MidEast manufacturing, I could find authentic instruments from around the world. With makers like Cooperman Frame Drums, Wright Hand Drums, and REMO, I would be able to enjoy drums that could withstand the elements of my area with stability. This niche of music, art, innovation, inspired me for the last decade plus.

What was vital in 1999 is no less vital in this time. People want immediate access to your offerings and neither of you knows how to find each other easily or can easily find what you’re offering. Whether you are a musician, author, actor, small business owner, activist, or other, we would like to help you work out media solutions to get your voice heard. We develop websites, graphic packages, video, and social media planning. Most importantly, we work to be affordable and reasonable to your budget.

Along the way, I have met an amazing array of musicians, activists, workers, and business owners. We have much to be thankful for. There are the clients who have hired us, the family who backed us up, and the friends who came to shows, visited the many sites, and gathered online throughout the world. IN particular, I have a thank you page for so many people and I will publish that soon.

Most of all, Thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy what theseĀ artisansĀ have to offer.
Chris Sampson-Founder