Back End Tech

We’ve been long aware that the need for dynamic updating is never dynamic enough. But as the web grows and expands infinitely it seems, the main thing an artist must remember is that they need to be seen and heard without lots of delay and complication.

With the increased popularity in web tools like Facebook and YouTube, OMRadio began refurbishing many of our websites with back end administration tools for our existing clients, and building all of our new sites with admin tools to give our new clients more access to their content. One of the hardest things about being a web master for many people is keeping up with the wide range of updates that can come in. Now we have increased the access to our clients and improved the dynamics of the websites for the audience. If you have a web site that you’d like to re-examine for administration additions contact us to see what we can do for you. Or if you are looking to start from scratch, now is a better time than ever to build a website that you can operate more directly without need to drive up costs paying a web master to maintain.

These days we’ve been implementing back end tools for both flash/xml sites and full builds on the wordpress system. This allows clients to use the conventional tools available on platforms we’ve tested and implemented with other clients. In some cases, a web site owner would pay their hosting fee and respond, ‘No, but thanks’ when asked if they had updates. “Would you like a blog?”, I asked one….”sure, why not”…he’s very prolific, indeed!

This is what I want from the web, don’t you? To keep up with a wide range of artists who are doing some amazing work? Upset to miss a show that just came to your town and didn’t get the word? No need for that when the ability to update is taken care of with ease.

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