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Back End Tech - Aug 21, 2011

We’ve been long aware that the need for dynamic updating is never dynamic enough. But as the web grows and expands infinitely it seems, the main thing an artist must remember is that they need to be seen and heard without lots of delay and complication. With the increased popularity in web tools like Facebook […]

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The Bergamo Project - Aug 21, 2011

BergamoProject John Bergamo has been major contributor to modern percussion music since the 1960s as a performer, composer, and teacher. In a special tribute concert, his music will be featured at the PASIC convention Friday evening concert in Austin, Texas on November 7, 2008. At this year’s Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC), this showcase […]

Eric Stuer - Aug 21, 2011

There are no words to express the loss of our dear friend, Eric Stuer and his kind and loving wife, Debra. Both were killed in a roll over accident in the summer 2008. Eric has been the developer behind Before OMRadio and many other drumming web sites, was the place to figure out […]

RixMyth: Remembering a gentle giant - Mar 21, 2010

I recieved the call from a mutual friend, “I’ve got some bad news. Rick is dead.” There are few bits of news that are harder to handle than the loss of a friend or family member. But this news was about the death of my 39yr old bandmate. And there are few people in my […]

MySpace and YouTube Explosion - Jun 6, 2008

It was always our mission to link people who create to those who enjoy the creation. It has been a blessing to see the web grow in the way it has thus far. And as more companies realize the potential of the internet to disseminate information and content, we expect the technology and interest to […]

8 Years of OM and the Net - Aug 1, 2007

8 Years of OM and the Net Remember when you first signed online? What about the first email you had? In the mid 90s many of us signed online for the first time and began to invest our time and interest in the internet. The options of what to view and read were very limited. […]

Scott Reiss: The Silent Screaming - Feb 14, 2007

The loss of Scott Reiss sends me to reflection of so many great artists that have been lost to mental afflictions from depression and alcholism to bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Artists emote for a living, and its in our giving off energy to transform and maintain society that we are like human batteries. After a […]

Frances Newton and Tookie Williams When one death is not enough for the state - Sep 21, 2005

On September 14th,2005 Texas executed Frances Newton as punishment for the death of her husband and children. They alleged that she murdered her family for $100,000 in life insurance. But what they didn’t do is give her justice. Instead they protected their choices, decisions, and efforts with a stoic and consistent ignorance of the facts. […]